Nike Flower Vase

This project has takes me back to growing up and watching White Men Can't Jump with my Dad and brother. My Dad would always quote the line, "You cannot hear Jimi!" referring to a scene where Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson are arguing over the differences of listening and hearing music (specifically Jimi Hendrix).
Most of the bigger issues in the discussed in the movie went way over my head at the time. But I always remembered that tie-died hat and Nike basketball shoes, the Air Force Command to be exact.
As I got older and started to have an income that could afford all the shoes I could never have as a kid, I started to understand the "sneaker head" culture. I've never waited in line to buy a pair of shoes, but I get the enthusiasm and over-protective appreciation for a stylish, pea-cocking pair of sneakers.
It got me thinking about the sculptural nature of a pair of sneakers and I decided to make them out of clay. That way they could stay on the mantel or bookshelf to be appreciated without the hazards of pavement and bar room floors.

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