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Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats are a Denver based band that play rock-n-roll with influences of soul, R&B, and blues. They sell out major venues, appear on late-night TV, top charts and continuing to release new music.
Below are a few projects that we have worked on together over the years.
Basset Hound Graphic / Tee
The band approached me with this idea to do a basset hound with wings. They originally requested the image to be from the front, and have natural wings. After many iterations, we decided the profile view and wings that were attached by a rope was the best and most fun solution.

Pocket Knife Pin
This was inspired by the 2015 Fall Tour Poster seen above. The band really liked the illustration of the pocket knives and later it was adapted into this pin.

Nathaniel's Green Chili Tee
This is Nathaniel's actual green chili recipe. The idea was inspired by a video of Nathaniel cooking in his kitchen. I wanted the fans to have unique experience into the day-to-day, normal life of a successful musician as well as tell a greater story about the cultural depth of the Nathaniel and the band.  It is also a great way for fans to appreciate and interact with the band after the show.
The band's music, if you haven't checked it out by now, is coincidentally a great soundtrack for cooking. And the recipe is awesome. I tried it out for design research purposes. There are no beans in this recipe, which may surprise you, but will appreciate by everyone around you ;)

Participation Trophy Patch
Concept    |   Design    |    Illustration
I wanted to try to communicate to the fans in a humorous but authentic way that the band values their support and attendance to their performances. The imagery also acknowledges the bands blue-collar, yet fun-loving and
humble roots.

Car Graphic Tee
Design    |     Illustration
idea came from the bands music video, "You Worry Me".  The band wanted to reference the car driving through the desert at dusk as seen in the video.

2015 Fall Tour Poster
This was the first project I ever did for the band when they were still playing smaller venues like the Chapel in San Francisco. The only guidelines were photos that were provided and I decided to create a night scene with an overlay of the images.  The pocket knife illustration was inspired by constellations and was later adapted and turned into a pin.

2017 UK / Europe Tour Poster
The band had this great photo that captured the energy of their live show which was the corner stone of the tour campaign. I found a way to crop in the image and place the band logo centered as to still tell the story of the photo. I set up a template so venues could customize with their date, city and location. This also need to be adapted to social media and blog post.

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