GoPro Trade Shows
GoPro benefits from several high profile trade shows every year to highlight product launches and other company milestones. While the footprints, budgets and product offerings change from product launch to product launch and venue to venue, each event posed the challenge of how to communicate the full ecosystem of the brand. From a creative perspective, this required paying attention to every detail, from high level ideas and strategy to the flooring and furniture.

Booth Layout & Brand Experience
The layout of the booth helps communicate the brand experience. Each pillar of the brand needed to be clearly identifiable but also lend itself to a natural flow through the brand ecosystem. This would allow people to seamlessly engage with the brand offerings. The experience also needed to have opportunities for visitors to directly interact with the product and the brand as well as host large, engaged crowds.
Displays & Merchandising
Presentation is a crucial component of the trade show experience. Both hardware and software need to be accessible, approachable and easy to use and understand. There also needs to be a range of information communication starting at clearly establishing high level information but also providing details for those who care to take a deeper dive.

Interaction & Hospitality
The GoPro trade show experience needed space and opportunity for people to take a deeper dive into the brand, whether it was lounging and taking a closer look through the catalog at the bar, watching training presentations in the theater, or ironing out sales in meeting rooms.

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